Cyber Security Executive 2022

23.3.2022 10:00

Virtual Event

Cyber Security for C-Level Executives

As demonstrated by recent cyber attacks no one is immune and it is more critical than ever for organizations to evaluate their cyber defences to ensure they have the right solutions and processes in place.

The business of financial fraud, espionage, ransomware and theft is growing and it is getting professional. The likelihood of falling victim to cyber attacks is a top-risk and hence a top priority for management teams.

CyberSecurityExecutive 2022 allows cross-industry business leaders the opportunity to gain first-hand insight of new and emerging online threats and learn how to protect valuable data, master response strategies and insure an adequate recovery procedure.

As the pandemic unfolds and we continue to develop a digital economy, the cyber threats we face are not only changing, they are becoming increasingly complex. Working remotely with multiple end points and within larger ecosystems than ever is not making the equation better.

Cyber security is never just a technology problem it’s a people, processes and knowledge problem. Computers don’t commit crime, people do – and only people can prevent it!

Keep your sensitive data secure. Know how improved cyber security provides better and valuable business outcomes.

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