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Winning the Great Resignation - How important is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?

Talent in your organisation is a scarce and precious resource. It’s also one that your HR function needs to put in work to identify, develop and retain for long-term business success.

Identifying top talent and helping them grow in an equal and diverse workplace is the hot topic that everyone talks about in Nordics as 46% of European employees are planning to leave jobs within the next twelve months. Employees are all unique and need to be cared for in different ways in order to see them grow. 

Our latest research has revealed that: 
• 90% of HR decision-makers say their business suffers from skills shortages, retention, or hiring issues. 
• 62% of employers are struggling to recruit the talent they need. 
• 54% of HRDMs agree performance reviews processes are not fit for purpose in the new world of work.

You understood Talent management & Diversity Workplace is the key priority for organisation and HR teams.

Many companies are using Personio to help minimising HR admin time to focus on talent retention & development in a more equal & diverse workplace.

In this talk, we walk you through the data and best practices that are not only defining the conversation, but how you can tangibly find top talent, develop them with purpose, and retain them for the long term.

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20.5.2022 10:00


20.5.2022 11:00

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