Future Hospital Nordic 2021

15.9.2021 09:00

Flexible, effective and resilient care with excellent customer service

Covid impacted the health care industry drastically and challenged hospitals' emergency capacity.  The rapid volume transformation exposed the need for change in standard processes and the limitations in prioritising acute care over standard procedures. In hindsight, the pandemic pushed hospitals to make digital leaps that otherwise could’ve taken even a decade to deliver.

Today, digitalisation brings a massive transformation to care at the same time as old hospitals are totally renovated and new hospitals are arising all around the Nordics. It is a complex task for the industry as the future demands for hospitals to shape into institutions that deliver efficient high value care with technology and digitalisation in its core.

In future hospitals care delivery has better flow and processes, which brings cost savings and better customer experience. Future care is attached to wellbeing and prevention, rather than just responding to illnesses. Long-term solutions in prevention, remote monitoring, early diagnoses and detection are key in the personalised care of the future causing a decrease of inpatient services, changing the workload of the staff and bringing new opportunities for hospital spaces.

As these future visions are already ongoing and impacting, by overlooking the bullet train of change, you'll be trying years to catch up. With new and latest insights, join us in being in the forefront of change.

Welcome to Future Hospital Nordic 2021.

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