Nordic Leaders Circle 14.9.2022

14.9.2022 14:00

Virtual Event

Agility and visibility in volatile times

@ SEP 14th, 2022


Being the CFO just now is very volatile but at the same time exciting.

Strategic leadership becomes even more essential when adding the factors of economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions. Join a roundtable of forward looking Finance Business Leaders who are sharing their leadership, experience on how they could free up time for their financial teams doing more strategic and business supporting tasks and projects.

We curate the discussions, ensuring a relevant discussion all the way. You can contribute by asking questions or lift concerns in prior to be debated in the studio!

The following themes will be discussed in this high-level talk of relevant and peer-led insights from industry leaders directly to your screen.

• Agility and visibility. Unlock the power of data, technology and innovation

• Moving up the food chain in skills. Be an analyst not a clerk.

• What are successful teams building, focusing on and prioritising now

• Adjusting cost suites, securing cash flow

The know-how and expertise of CFOs has been put to test going from one crises to another, but with new tools, skills and teams the situation can be turned to an advantage going ahead.

The Nordic Countries are solid and prepared the future!

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14.9.2022 14:00


14.9.2022 15:30

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Virtual Event


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