Smart Buildings 2022

26.10.2022 10:00



As the world has endured the turbulences of the last few years, and keeps preparing for the next one, we need to keep transforming the spaces we live in. Being ready for the challenges of tomorrow, we need to drive the transition of the real estate ecosystem and the built environment today.

With both global and local  influences hitting the real estate market, making their impact on portfolio management and property investment trends. Nevertheless the energy crisis on our hands makes it crystal clear: energy-smart districts and buildings will be not only valuable, but essential.​

Tomorrow's property technology will not only enable AI, data and automation enhancing buildings operations, cost savings and improve performance from reactive to predictive, but make flow of space possible: Communication between buildings and their occupants to upgrade the occupant experience. At the same time the industry is building its softer values, with sustainability, user centricity and leveraging ESG for value creation.

It is around these forward looking topics our agenda is built to guide you building up smart, sustainable and resilient cities of the future. And it all equals to better quality of life in our modern environments.

Welcome to SMART BUILDINGS 2022!

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26.10.2022 10:00


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