The resilience of our cities, society and living standards has just gone through an unpredictable stress test. Our usually lively city centers and streets emptied faster than ever. The world changed exponentially in just a few months.

Local authorities could tangibly identify which Smart City initiatives worked and which ones need to undergo a major re-think. The escalation of the pandemic created a sort of Living Lab environment, underlining the shelter-in-place needs of functional micro communities, crowd control, civic offices, e-health, surveillance, emergency services, neighbourhood real-time data, cross departmental data needs and many more vital elements of a Smart City.

The microscopic small virus accelerated the need for digitisation, collaboration and innovation. In this cross road of modern history, a new age of modern cities and its purposes, services and infrastructure will take form.

It is around these forward looking topics our agenda is built to guide you building up smart, sustainable and resilient cities of the future. Better quality of life and urban areas that are increasingly connected, powered by smart technologies and at the same time adaptive societally.

Welcome to explore imperative business models and strategies to improve your city.

Welcome to SMΛRT CITY & BUILDINGS 2021.

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